Being able to get to and from locations, appointments, and other necessary errands is important to individuals and their caregivers. Gathering Club offers transportation services for: 


Adult Day Health Center  


Grocery Shopping 

Our fleet of vans and licensed certified drivers provide safe transportation for your loved ones.


Need a ride?

This service is a non-emergency service which is available to individuals supported by Gathering Club. Both Waiver Based and Private Pay gain access to integrated waiver and other community services, activities, resources, and organizations typically utilized by the general population. 

Services can be provided when transportation is not otherwise and customarily available through natural support or is included as an element of another HCB waiver service. For Medicaid to cover Transportation the individual must have a valid Kentucky Medicaid Card and the service address must not have a registered vehicle.


We Know...

Your loved ones or those entrusted
to your care are important.

Let us know how we can help.