Hispanic Program–Bienvenu

At Gathering Club, we provide quality services to our Hispanic Community. We are proud to provide services targeted to the Hispanic culture to ensure maximum benefit to our clients. The Hispanic program offers a place where the different Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Cuba, and Guatemala, can come together and share their cultures and customs with one another in their native language. This coming together provides many opportunities through various options within the Program.

Sharing a love of music, participants enjoy various opportunities provided at Gathering Club including outside performers and entertainers to share live music together. The various Hispanic cultures celebrate different holidays and have different traditions. Program participants explore and learn from one another. One thing that the group has in common is the love of food, picante y caliente (spicy and hot). The group understands this common denominator with delicious appreciation.

Gathering Club provides a special space that is uniquely Hispanic. A community space where participants can share time and experiences together. Holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions are important, and we celebrate with everyone. The group also spends time watching sports, playing games such as cards, and doing crafts. Exploring our community is another way participants find enjoyment through Gathering Club. Options are a daily occurrence.

Delia G.-Hispanic Program Manager

Born on a Caribbean island called the Dominican Republic, Delia immigrated to Louisville, Kentucky over a decade ago. She  joined the Gathering Club in 2020 as a Manager of the Hispanic program and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication.   Her previous positions include Operation Manager in the Aviation Industry and Hispanic Program Coordinator at Senda de Luz Church.   

Delia is committed to the well-being of each participant and caregiver. She demonstrates integrity and compassion towards her team and her clients, going above and beyond to ensure her Hispanic clients receive the best services available.


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