Bhutanese Program-Kuzuzangpo

Serving the elderly citizens of our community is the primary mission of the Bhutanese Program.  By creating a culturally friendly and safe environment, clients feel not only welcome but at home. 

Quality programs begin with an in-depth understanding of the people of Bhutan. Dzongkha is the national language spoken over half a million people in their native land.  Greetings and communication are very important to these wonderful citizens in our community.  We speak their language. Gathering Club staff understand the unique considerations when helping people feel comfortable with themselves and others in our programs.  Clients are served breakfast and lunch, assisted with doctor’s appointment, listened to their needs and counselling them as needed. 

Gathering Club provides a team  approach to client centered service.  Our program is unique in that we have a place where everyone can speak the same language, share the same culture, traditions, experiences, and be part of a big family. Participants  can come and socialize with others who share the same interest in a comfortable, homelike environment. Bhutanese people are understood here. Individuals who are part of our program enjoy spending their days socializing, playing games, such as cards and bingo. Many go to the pool tables and start playing just as soon as they get to the program. The music and songs are in their native language, which leads to singing and dancing.  Celebrating important festivals together-Diwali, Dashara, and Loshar is the hallmark of our program.  

An important aspect of the Bhutanese program is meeting individual’s needs. If assistance is needed for medical appointments, we help with those. Many times, we assist with other appointments such as applying for food stamps, Medicare/Medicaid appointments, and delivering medications to their homes if needed. We also provide home delivered meals every week to those in need. Gathering Club is a close, family-oriented community. We provide needed services for those unable to do for themselves.

Ganga R.-Bhutanese Program Manager

Ganga has been a proud member of the Gathering Club team since 2018.  Her passion is to provide care to senior citizens in need.  Prior to joining the team, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for Signature Health Care at Rockford Rehab & Wellness Center. As the Gathering Club’s previous Adult Daycare Activity Coordinator, she gained invaluable experience and skills to help develop and continue to grow the Bhutanese Program.

“Helping provide clients with a safe and welcoming community space is important to me.  They spend quality time with others the program who speak their language and appreciate their culture”, adds Ganga.

The Bhutanese Program is always as colorful as those participating. 

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