LGBTQ+ Program

Shaping Tomorrow by Laying the Foundation Today.

The LGBTQ+ program at Gathering Club is the first of its kind in the state of Kentucky.  With specialized training through Sage Care, staff receive specialized training so that they can provide the best support in respectful and understanding ways. We are building a safe community so that people are comfortable with being themselves and not worrying if they are going to be judged, dismissed, devalued, or mistreated for who they are.

The new Gathering Club East End location is laying the foundation for something amazing for everyone involved. We are a community that pulls together for the betterment of tomorrow and what that will eventually look like is as limitless as the imagination of staff and individuals we support.  Everyone has something that they bring with them and make this program its own. We have PRIDE in being us.

Serving local LGBTQ+ aging community

We’re Expanding to the
East End of Louisville.

We Know...

Your loved ones or those entrusted
to your care are important.

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